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This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description:

The data could only be used with the permission of Dr. Na Wang (, please send her an email for your request.

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  title={{FAST} Pulsar Data Query Test},
  author={Zhang Hailong, Yuan Jianping},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {XAO} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
accref Product key Access key for the data N/A meta.ref.url
owner Owner Owner of the data N/A N/A
embargo Embargo ends Date the data will become/became public a N/A
mime Type MIME type of the file served N/A meta.code.mime
accsize File size Size of the data in bytes byte VOX:Image_FileSize
id Obs. Id Artificial identifier of the observation N/A;meta.main
ra RA Area center RA ICRS deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec Area center Declination ICRS deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
date_obs Date_obs Observation date d time.obs
object Target Object Object observed N/A;src
object_zhl Target Object Object observed N/A;src
observer Observer Observer Name N/A
projid Project Name Project Name N/A
frontend Receiver ID Receiver ID N/A N/A
backend Backend ID Backend ID N/A N/A
beconfig Backend Configuration File Name Backend Configuration File Name N/A N/A
obs_mode Observation Mode Observation Mode N/A N/A
obsfreq Observation Frequency Observation Frequency MHz em.bin
obsbw Observation Bandwidth Observation Bandwidth MHz instr.bandwidth
obsnchan #Channels Number of Frequency Channels N/A N/A

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