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The pulsar timing data were obtained with the Nanshan 25M radio telescope. Our observations, which commenced in January 2000, have been made using a dual-channel room-temperature receiver with a bandwidth of 320 MHz centered at 1540 MHz before June 2002. The de-dispersion was provided by a 2X128X2.5 MHz analog filter-bank. A cryogenic receiver was mounted in July 2002, which increases the sensitivity to 0.5 mJy. In January 2010, a digital filter-bank (DFB) system came into operation. The higher time resolution allows us to monitor about 280 pulsars, including ten millisecond-pulsars (MSP). The format of the DFB data is "Psrfit". The "psrchive" program could reads and analyzes the data.

Timing observations of 74 pulsars have been regularly carried out between 2002 July to 2009 December. These 74 pulsars have been monitored approximately once every 9d using a dual-channel cryogenic system that receives orthogonal linear polarizations at the central observing frequency of 1540 MHz. The folded profiles obtained are released in format PSRFITS for timing analysis, the file name extension is .FTp. Users can enter "~*.FTp*" in "Product key" filed to search and download it.

Non-public data could be used with the permission of Dr. Na Wang (, please send an email for your request.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
accref Product key Access key for the data N/A meta.ref.url
owner Owner Owner of the data N/A N/A
embargo Embargo ends Date the data will become/became public a N/A
mime Type MIME type of the file served N/A meta.code.mime
accsize File size Size of the data in bytes byte VOX:Image_FileSize
id Obs. Id Artificial identifier of the observation N/A;meta.main
ra RA Area center RA ICRS deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec Area center Declination ICRS deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
date_obs Date_obs Observation date d time.obs
object Target Object Object observed N/A;src
object_zhl Target Object Object observed N/A;src
observer Observer Observer Name N/A
projid Project Name Project Name N/A
frontend Receiver ID Receiver ID N/A N/A
backend Backend ID Backend ID N/A N/A
beconfig Backend Configuration File Name Backend Configuration File Name N/A N/A
obs_mode Observation Mode Observation Mode N/A N/A
obsfreq Observation Frequency Observation Frequency MHz em.bin
obsbw Observation Bandwidth Observation Bandwidth MHz instr.bandwidth
obsnchan #Channels Number of Frequency Channels N/A N/A
preview Preview Preview URL N/A N/A

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Copyright and such: The data files were owned by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, and It's managed on a hierarchical basis, some of the data files are available for public download.