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Table Description: This is a “light” version of the full Gaia DR3 gaia_source table. It is just a view copying gaia.dr3lite, which should preferentially be used in new queries. This table is being kept around in order to keep legacy queries from breaking unnecessarily. However, it is actually DR3 data rather than eDR3. The minute differences did not seem to warrant keeping two copies of the relatively massive data around.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description:

This schema contains data re-published from the official Gaia mirrors (such as ivo:// either to support combining its data with local tables (the various Xlite tables) or to make the data more accessible to VO clients (e.g., epoch fluxes).

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource 'Selections from Gaia Data Release 3 (DR3)'

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  title={Gaia eDR3 source catalogue "light"},
  author={{GAIA} Collaboration},
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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
source_id Source Id Gaia DR3 unique source identifier. Note that this *cannot* be matched against the DR1 or DR2 source_ids. [Note id] N/A;meta.main
ra RA (ICRS) Barycentric Right Ascension in ICRS at epoch J2016.0 deg pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec Dec (ICRS) Barycentric Declination in ICRS at epoch J2016.0 deg pos.eq.dec;meta.main
ra_error Err. RA Standard error of ra (with cos δ applied). mas stat.error;pos.eq.ra
dec_error Err. Dec Standard error of dec mas stat.error;pos.eq.dec
pmra µ(RA) Proper motion in right ascension of the source in ICRS at J2016.0. This is the tangent plane projection (i.e., multiplied by cos(δ)) of the proper motion vector in the direction of increasing right ascension. mas/yr;pos.eq.ra
pmdec µ(Dec) Proper motion in declination at J2016.0. mas/yr;pos.eq.dec
pmra_error Err. PM(RA) Standard error of pmra mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.ra
pmdec_error Err. PM(Dec) Standard error of pmdec mas/yr stat.error;;pos.eq.dec
parallax Parallax Absolute barycentric stellar parallax of the source at the reference epoch J2016.0. If looking for a distance, consider joining with gedr3dist.main and using the distances from there. mas pos.parallax
parallax_error Parallax_error Standard error of parallax mas stat.error;pos.parallax
phot_g_mean_mag m_G Mean magnitude in the G band. This is computed from the G-band mean flux applying the magnitude zero-point in the Vega scale. To obtain error estimates, see phot_g_mean_flux_over_error. mag phot.mag;em.opt;stat.mean
phot_g_mean_flux_over_error SNR G Integrated mean G flux divided by its error. Errors are computed from the dispersion about the weighted mean of the input calibrated photometry. [Note e] N/A stat.snr;phot.flux;em.opt;stat.mean
phot_rp_mean_flux_over_error SNR RP Integrated mean RP flux divided by its error. Errors are computed from the dispersion about the weighted mean of the input calibrated photometry. [Note e] N/A stat.snr;phot.flux;em.opt.R
phot_rp_mean_mag Mag RP Mean magnitude in the integrated RP band. This is computed from the RP-band mean flux applying the magnitude zero-point in the Vega scale. To obtain error estimates, see phot_rp_mean_flux_over_error. mag phot.mag;em.opt.R
phot_bp_mean_flux_over_error SNR BP Integrated mean BP flux divided by its error. Errors are computed from the dispersion about the weighted mean of the input calibrated photometry. [Note e] N/A stat.snr;phot.flux;em.opt.B
phot_bp_mean_mag Mag BP Mean magnitude in the integrated BP band. This is computed from the BP-band mean flux applying the magnitude zero-point in the Vega scale. To obtain error estimates, see phot_bp_mean_flux_over_error. mag phot.mag;em.opt.B
phot_bp_rp_excess_factor BP/RP excess BP/RP excess factor estimated from the comparison of the sum of integrated BP and RP fluxes with respect to the flux in the G band. This measures the excess of flux in the BP and RP integrated photometry with respect to the G band. This excess is believed to be caused by background and contamination issues affecting the BP and RP data. Therefore a large value of this factor for a given source indicates systematic errors in the BP and RP photometry. N/A
astrometric_excess_noise ε_i This is the excess noise of the source, measuring the disagreement, expressed as an angle, between the observations of a source and the best-fitting standard astrometric model (using five astrometric parameters). A value of 0 signifies a well-behaved source, a positive value signifies that the residuals are larger than expected. mas
radial_velocity RV Spectroscopic radial velocity in the solar barycentric reference frame. For stars brighter than about 12 mag, this is the median of all single-epoch measurements. For fainter stars, RV estimation is from a co-added spectrum. km/s spect.dopplerVeloc.opt;em.opt.I
radial_velocity_error Err. RV Error in radial_velocity; this is the error of the median for bright stars. For faint stars, it is derived from the cross-correlation function. km/s stat.error;spect.dopplerVeloc
pseudocolour P.-colour Effective wavenumber of the source estimated in the final astrometric processing. The pseudocolour is the astrometrically estimated effective wavenumber of the photon flux distribution in the astrometric (G) band, estimated from the chromatic displacements of image centroids. The field is empty when chromaticity was instead taken into account using the photometrically determined ν_eff given in the field nu_eff_used_in_astrometry. um**-1 em.wavenumber;phot.color
pseudocolour_error Err. PC Standard error of the pseudocolour. um**-1 stat.error;em.wavenumber;phot.color
visibility_periods_used #VP Number of visibility periods (groups of observations at least 4 days apart) used in the astrometric solution. A small value (less than 10) indicates that the calculated parallax could be more vulnerable to error not reflected in the formal uncertainties. N/A meta.number;obs
astrometric_params_solved PS This is a binary code indicating which astrometric parameters were estimated for the source. A set bit means the parameter was estimated. The least-significant bit represents α, the next bits δ, parallax, PM(RA) and PM(De). For Gaia DR2 the only relevant values are 31 (all five parameters solved) and 3 (only positions). N/A meta.code
random_index Random Random index that can be used to deterministically select subsets N/A meta.code
ruwe RUWE Renormalized Unit Weight Error; this is a revised measure for the overall consistency of the solution as defined by GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-124-01. A suggested cut on this is RUWE <1.40) See the note for details. [Note ruwe] N/A stat.weight

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